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Three Strangers Melting Outside of Time

2017, Fixed electroacoustics (2ch.)

"Three strangers melting outside of time" is a study on a small constellation of sounds that undergo several processes of disintegration. The result of these processes is not presented in a lineal fashion but simultaneously or out of order, presenting different states of the same material as parts of a sculptural mobile where they are distributed in time and in different sound layers.

This piece was premiered at (and specially written for) the 2017 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, the 22nd of June, in the context of the concert titled "New Balearic and Catalan Music" with the support of the "Institut Ramon Llull", "Illenc", "Sirga Festival", "Placa[Base" and "Morphosis Ensemble". It was later performed at Pirineu-Mediterrània Modern Festival in Barcelona on April 6th 2018 and at Forun Wallis festival in Brig on May 20th 2018, both times by Placa[Base.

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