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Sa núvia d'Algendar

2008, Mixed choir, folk song arrangement

Published with the permision of FCEC

"Sa núvia d'Algendar" is a traditional song from Menorca that belongs to a legend of the same name, collected by Francesc d'Albranca, arranged here for mixed choir with a modal harmonization that plays between aeolian G and locrian D and in the middle of the song it expands to the chromatism of a more free harmony built on perfect fifths. The setting of the legend is the period of muslim occupation in Menorca and it tells the story of a young woman from Algendar that, in her wedding night, is kidnapped by a moor, who takes her in a ship that ends up being shipwrecked in the Barbary Coast. A fisherman saves her but she ends up living a life of captivity until she escapes and, by coincidence, boards a ship that is shipwrecked in Menorca and, realizing that she is back in Algendar, she loses her mind. At the beginning of the legend a witch appears at the wedding banquet singing a song that foretells the bride's fate, song which she herself sings having gone crazy.

"Sa núvia d'Algendar" was awarded the Catalunya Choir Composition Prize in 2008, by FCEC and was recorded by the "Coral Sant Antoni", conducted by Lluís Vila (published by FCEC). Recorded and produced by Josep M. Adell.

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