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Promenade aux frontières

2007, Solo baritone and ensemble

This piece for solo baritone and ensemble, written after the homonymous poem by Antoine Vitez, intends to amplify the expression of the text and the dark images it suggests. This darkness is produced by superposing and amalgamating, under a spectral coloration, different kinds of microtonality, rhythmic and counterpoint processes at different complexity levels, as well as a timbral richness that blurs the harmony creating the confusion and turbulence upon which the baritone navigates in his delirious soliloquy from the first burst of sound until the last effort to revive.

"Promenade aux frontières" premiered on November 4th 2008 at Theatre95 (Cergy-Pontoise, Paris) by "Orchestre Studio de Cergy-Pontoise" (Frédéric Bang-Rouhet (bar.), Jean-Claude Marin (fl.), Pierre Dutrieu (clar.), Eric Karcher (hrn.), Sandra Valette (perc.), Isabelle Lagors (hrp.), Nathalie Klein Saint-Arroman (vl.), Maud Simon (vc.)) , conducted by Andrée-Claude Brayer, in the context of the seventh "Recontres Internationales de Composition Musicale de Cergy-Pontoise", recorded by Sebastien Lemoine.

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