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Nivulat nivulat

2018, Fixed electroacoustics (2ch.)

This piece is made using a cassette recording from when I was little. In the recording, my sister was singing but I got the microphone and, instead of singing, I started to repeat over and over the word "nivulat", which means cloud. I always remembered that moment because it was one of my earliest moments experimenting with sound. I made this piece using the loop–nivulat nivulat…–as if it were clouds passing by throughout the piece–always calm but in constant movement and transformation. And bellow those clouds I wanted to build a more frenetic world of noises and brightness that are never still in contraposition with the calm layer that envelopes everything. Because the sound of the piece comes only from those 10 or 15 seconds of recording, the whole piece is sprinkled with the sounds of the magnetic tape. These sounds are part of the memory: they remind us, with the degradation of the sound, of a past time. I chose to use that sound, together with the voice, as a main material of the piece; and to use very digital sounding sound processes in order to build a bridge between past and present.

This piece was premiered at Phonos (Barcelona), the 5th of December 2018, by "Sindicato de Altavoces". On December 29 of the same year, the piece was played at the radio show Ars Sonora (in Radio Clássica) for a special program in collaboration with AMEE (Spanish Electroacoustic Music Association).

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