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2015, Live electroacoustics, improvisation

With Almudena Vega (fl.), El Pricto (clar.), Sarah Claman (vl.) and Pau Sola (vc.)

This is a recording of the concert that took place at "Soda Acústic" (Barcelona) on October 21st 2015 as part of the improvisation concert series "Nocturna Discordia" organized weekly by Discordian Records. This concert featured Almudena Vega at the flute, El Pricto at the clarinet, Sarah Claman at the Violin, Pau Sola at the Cello and myself processing the sound of the four instruments with Max/MSP and acting as the sound technician for the event. All the music was improvised.

The idea behind this performance came from an experiment that El Pricto and me had conducted some weeks ago in a concert in Menorca processing his clarinet and we wanted to take the idea to the extreme. The experiment consisted in removing the mouthpiece from the clarinet and inserting a microphone inside the barrel and then creating feedback and changing the tone of the feedback with fingering changes in the clarinet.


In the concert at Soda we applied the same concept to both the flute and the clarinet. The players could also reassemble the instrument at any time to play normally. In addition, the effect was extended by panning changes, which disturbed the feedback. The violin and cello were amplified with contact microphones and also processed with clipping. The result was a very harsh noise kind of sound. Additional processing consisted in bandpass filtering and creating glitches in the buffers where each signal was being temporarily stored.

Here is a screenshot of the main patch used during the performance (click on the image to zoom in). You can also download the full patch below.

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