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Enamorat i al·lota

2007, Mixed choir, folk song arrangement

Published with the permision of FCEC

“Enamorat i al·lota” is a traditional song from Menorca collected by Francesc d'Albranca, arranged here for mixed choir with a modal harmonization—an aeolian E that in some points is tensed being stretched on one side towards the phrygian and towards the dorian on the other side. This song tells us the dialogue between a young man in love with a young woman who shuns him. At the beginning of their dialogue she states that she wants to become the moon so that she can be away from him and he answers that he will then become the cloud so he can be close to her. Through the different verses a long series of transformations follow each other where the two characters continue to chase and run from each other. This version of the text borrows the ending from a version from Mallorca which ends more tragically than the version sung in Menorca where the two characters decide to marry each other just to end the suffering.

"Enamorat i al·lota" was awarded the Catalunya Choir Composition Prize in 2008, by FCEC and was recorded by the "Cor de Cambra de la Diputació de Girona", conducted by Pablo Larraz (published by FCEC), recorded and produced by Josep M. Adell.

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