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56 Huskies

2013, Small ensemble, soft indetermination

Composed for Discordian Community Ensemble

(see credits bellow)

“56 Huskies” was written for the project “Desierto impecable”, album recorded by Discordian Community Ensemble (and published by Discordian Records). The project is inspired in the letters that Patillas Black i.p. wrote, from icy lands, while taking care of Huskies, to Daniel Jove, who later rewrote them as poems.


This piece, like the other pieces from the same album, combines composition with improvisation and indeterminacy elements, which are integrated in the piece with a series of signs made by the conductor. The score, which can be read below, mainly consists in melodic lines with precise notes but on a floating rhythm, since each player keeps their own beat. Also, there are some verbal instructions for textures, specially for the guitar and drums.

"56 Huskies" was recorded in July 2013 by Discordian Community Ensemble and published by Discordian Records.


Natsuko Sugao (trumpet) 
Pol Padrós (trumpet) 
Tom Chant (tenor saxophone) 
Don Malfon (baritone saxophone) 

Pablo Rega (electric guitar) 

Núria Andorrà (marimba) 

Vasco Trilla (drums and percussion)

Lopinski (recording, mixing and mastering)

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